C’treat ultraviolet treatment systems are specificallydesigned
for the demands of the offshore energy sector. C’treat uses
a patented technology for the disinfection process. Controls
are housed in an enclosure designed for marine
environments and hazardous areas.
All components are rigidly mounted to a single, rugged,
welded-steel frame, that is sandblasted and finished to
offshore painting specifications.

ITT C’treat
Offshore UV Disinfection

Features & Benefits

Low-pressure, high-intensity, monochromatic lamps,
with superior disinfection performance to achieve
reduced energy and operating costs
• 99.99% inactivation of chlorine resistant microorganisms
including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.
Coli, and Hepatitis
• Type 316L stainless steel UV chambers, passivated
and electropol ished
• Specialized lamp connections suitable for use in
hazardous environments
• Long lamp life resulting in lower operating costs
• State-of-the-art electronic “smart” ballast and
micro processor control system allows substantial
safety and warning features through a digital display
and LED indicator lights
• All UV systems are capable of immediate restart after
shutdown without a required cool down period
• Three piece UV intensity sensor allows element
removal without draining the chamber
• Display, Warning and Control Features:
– Digital lamp life remaining indication
– Operating status
– Digital lamp intensity indication (mW/cm2)
– 4-20 mA signal for remote intensity monitoring
– Alarm output contacts
– Solenoid valve output
– Thermal overheat protection switch
• Options
– IEC EExd Flameproof Enclosure

Designed for superior disinfection performance by providing a
minimum 30,000 μwsec/cm2 UV dose at rated ow. The
low-pressure, high-intensity (Lo-Hi) lamps are high power,
monochromatic lamps offering up to three times the intensity
of conventional Lo-Lo lamps at the optimum UV wavelength
(254 nm) for disinfection. The performance is enhanced by a
state-of-the-art electronic “smart” ballast and microprocessor
control system.

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